After Dinner Speech by Sdr Umar

This was the after dinner speech on 2nd August 2010 at the Dining Hall MCKK, on the visit of the Patikan to MCKK at the Patikan 50th Anniversary, the Dinner with the Staff and Students (Form 3, 4, 5) of MCKK.


The HM En Anand, teachers, students, ladies and gentlemen.

50 years ago the boys of Form Five1960 had their final dinner at this very hall. We have then just completed our School Certificate and Federation of Malaysia Certificate examinations held in Hagreaves Hall.

After a tearful farewell at the Railway Station, we parted ways , firstly to return to our base the kampongs and then to face the wide world armed with the knowledge that we have gathered while at the College.

There were 60 of us then, As mere mortals 17 of us have departed, the latest casualty being Sdr Imran Alias, this morning.

The same 60 boys hardly met each other after that final dinner in 1960, maybe years later at annual dinners organized by MCOBA in Kuala Lumpur. Some of us joined the Civil Service, some become Police Officers, lawyers, accountants, bankers, medical specialists, educationist and cadet planters.

After we retired at 55 or there about we met again at one Mamak Restaurant in Sri Hartamas, KL and we made a resolution to meet once a month for breakfast with the host on rotational basis. Alhamdulillah this monthly meetings has been going on without fail over the years. As our number gets smaller we encouraged the classmates or Patikans as we call ourselves to bring their wives, menantu and grandchildren,

This evening after 50 years we have come again to the same hall although our number is much less, we exhibit more wrinkles, more white hair but we are happily escorted by our Patikan family members, our wives together with Datin Nor Daisy and Puan Fatimah Azan. Some of the Patikan family members may not have been to this school before this.

May I take this opportunity on behalf of all the Patikans and family members to express our gratitude to En Anand, the Headmaster, members of the staff and students for making this 50th year reunion at our beloved College – where it all began – a reality. We sometime wonder whether we have ever left the College. This is a very memorable evening for the Patikans and family which we should forever cherish in our hearts,

“To meet, to know, to love and then to part is a tragedy of many a human heart”

By 1960, some of us have been in the College for 8 years from 1953 when many joined the College at Primary School.

As token of our 50th Reunion at this College, the Patikans would like to donate two items to their beloved alma mater. Firstly a table to replace the existing one which we shall place an order in Japera Indonesia. It should be delivered to the school by the year end.

The other is interactive board for the teachers. Final arrangement on size and dimensions would be discussed with the Headmaster.

Finally we thank you to the Headmaster, teachers and students for making all this a reality.

Wassalamu’alaikum Warahmatulllah.

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